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Police Corruption and Futbol Fans

all seasons in one day 70 °F

So far, we have traveled for 6 weeks in Ecuador, feeling safe in most every town or city we have visited. Still, police corruption has been a common theme in many of our discussions with Ecuadorians. We had a firsthand peak at the type of police corruption we’d heard about during an 11:30 AM Quito vs. Liga fútbol game we attended in Quito.
From the start of the game, we found ourselves entertained by a group of incoherently drunk men swaying about in the row ahead. They cheered for Quito, slopping Pilseners and spitting curses into one another’s faces (it was an intercity rival game). About halfway into the game however, the group moved closer to us, leaving their most drunk member with drool running from his chin onto his round belly, passed out from an early day of drinking. Soon enough, the men were asking about us… where we came from, why we had chosen to cheer for Quito etc. They passed 32 oz. beer cups between all of us and were happy to have us cheering for their team. Finally we asked about their tired friend. They answered, “O, he’s a cop, we actually just met him last night.”

The man’s story goes (details are hazy, as he was inebriated while relating it):

The man had been drunk driving the night before when he was pulled over by a cop. When the cop proceeded to announce his fine, the man offered the cop free admittance and drinks at any of the major nightclubs in Quito, at which he held some administrative position. The cop gladly accepted, and while on duty(?), accompanied the man and his friends to the bars for the rest of the night. The drinking continued through the early hours of the morning until the cop was finally belligerent. Earlier on in the binge, the men discovered the cop to be a Liga fan, so when sufficiently drunk, they dressed the cop in a too-small Quito jersey and they all went to the game to continue the festivities.

So the passed out man we were concerned about was a potentially on-duty police officer/Liga fan, left mostly unconscious by the drunken enemy he should have apprehended the night before.

“The police are corrupt here, very, very corrupt” the men concluded. And so there it was.

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So Far in Ecuador...

Because we've been behind about filling you in on Ecuador, here's an idea of what we've been up to the past few weeks...

View To the equator and beyond! on tltisme's travel map.

Crossed the Equator three times!
Felt up some furry walls at market in Otavalo and was given a furry bed at a horsefarm for two nights...
We happened upon an indigenous feria in the middle of northern highlands indigenous teams championship... I asked if T.L. might be able to practice with some of the players, they threw him a jersey and let him play... in front of a few thousand people...(T.L.'s the one without the long black braid)
We played the 7 dwarves all week with 2 Canadians, 2 Belgians and our Maestro (Doc), at the Tungurahua Tea Room, our WWOOFing site in Banos.
We flew... across a gorge and waterfall outside of Banos


Stayed at an Ashram with the Hare Krishnas in Tumbaco, outside of Quito.
Supported Deportivo Quito vs. Quito Liga at Estadio Olympico Atahualpa, Quito
Surfed these couches...
Played with monkeys...rather, the monkeys played with us, and stole our things.


Had and defeated parasites...
3 pills $2.80 2 days=0 parasites

3 pills+$2.80+2 days=0 parasites

Climbed in, down, up and around a crater lake in Quilotoa.
P1010377.jpgP1010326.jpg2 miles wide, 820 feet deep

2 miles wide, 820 feet deep

formed during an enormous eruption 800 years ago in which lava flows reached the Pacific

formed during an enormous eruption 800 years ago in which lava flows reached the Pacific

P1010383.jpgThe trail around the crater rim, Ecuador's version of the knife edge

The trail around the crater rim, Ecuador's version of the knife edge

Got jacked up on IV fluid after dehydration set in from a nasty intestinal bacterial infection...
Went to the beach and learned to surf... at least T.L. did!
1-P1010667.jpg1-P1010671.jpg1-P1010677.jpg1-P1010699.jpg1-P1010703.jpg"tres por un dolar!" the kids chanted
Ate many deliciously cheap meals...
large, delicious pork lunch=$2

large, delicious pork lunch=$2

Markets, markets, more markets...
Climbed the clocktowers of Quito's awesome Basilica!

We're currently both in good health and couchsurfing with a Peace Corps volunteer in the campo outside of San Isidro, and still have a few weeks in Ecuador to go!

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Soccer in the City

Got to play for the 'All English' soccer team my friend Ian plays on (a Mainer but his roommate is French/German and got him on the team). They play in rec leagues on Pier 40 and Chelsea Pier, pretty good soccer on turf fields with serious players of all nationalities, all in the shadow of skyscrapers.

New York City is huge. Massive. I am always awed as walk down the street canyons or ride through the maze of tunnels. My senses are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people, languages, food, lights, and constant movement. There are unlimited things to do, places to go, and work to be done. This fall and winter I have been inside this metropolis at least half a dozen times and at last feel marginally comfortable riding the subway and walking the streets without feeling completely drained afterwards. I hope this has been good practice for South American cities though I know there will be many new and overwhelming experiences ahead. Anyway, it has been nice to have some positive experiences in NYC and become a little less daunted by the concrete jungle.

Central Park bubble blower! He attracted quite the crowd, including a couple little twin girls, shrieking as they ran to pop the bubbles and thwart the amorphous sculptures from growing larger.

Checked out the new Islamic wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and walked through as many other exhibits as we could. Museum going is surprisingly tiring and the MET has much more than you can really see in a day.

Flight to Bogota tomorrow. Backpack is packed, just a few more little details to wrap up...!

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